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36 Interesting Facts About Car Insurance

learn more auto insurance facts

How many times have you been at a dinner party or event and needed a conversation starter to break the ice? I understand your plight. Auto insurance has been in existence for over 100 years! I’ve scoured databases, books, and other sources to find some of the most interesting facts about car insurance today. Take a look at some of these interesting facts for yourself: The Toyota Sienna Minivan has one of the lowest yearly premiums compared to all other cars. The Honda Fit EV will add free collision insurance to the entire lease period. The type of car you drive affects the way that you drive and your premiums. Buying a new car will definitely increase your insurance premiums....

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NC Auto Insurance Analysis

Cheapest Auto Insurance

Most Expensive Car Insurers in North Carolina By The three most expensive insurers were Safeco, MetLife, and Allstate, based on North Carolina Auto Insurance Analysis. With an average annual rate of $873, the three national insurance companies cost about 27% more than the 13-company composite average from the study. Compared to the cheapest three, Safeco, MetLife, and Allstate were roughly $371 more expensive each year for our two drivers' basic liability insurance policies. For the full list of insurers, , where they're ranked from most affordable to most expensive. Rates are based on the average of our two drivers, who haven't had any traffic violations or accidents in the past five years. Based on your experience as a driver,...

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